Performance Management

Performance Management //

Personal and managerial development

We have in recent years developed methods to help otherwise well-functioning people to achieve the goals they set themselves in a variety of areas, including, inter alia:

  • Top performance in leadership,
  • Public appearance
  • Career Goals
  • Speaking in assemblies


We need to perform virtually all the time and all our whole life. In some situations there is more at stake than in others and in other contexts we have to overcome ourselves to achieve our goals.


The prerequisite to perform and master as well as to boost our performance, is that we are able to make an appropriate regulation of our emotions, e.g. handle our emotions and sometimes endure some emotional discomfort to achieve what we want.


If we are to avoid being “hijacked” by our emotions, we need to get to know them, and possibly get our old traumatic experiences processed, to ensure that the traumatic experiences don’t impede the dedicated effort guided by the rational part of the brain, including the means of will, self-control and sensitive planning.

The goal is instead to use the emotional energy in a more constructive and creative way that promotes focus and commitment.


With EMDR therapy you can be helped to seriously focus on your strengths, resources and skills and thereby optimize your performance